Rabu, 04 Desember 2013

Windows 8 on a separate partition of your hard disk

Things can go wrong, however, and upgrading a PC is nothing like trying out
Windows 8 on a separate partition of your hard disk. So before you do anything
at all, be sure to back up to a separate storage device any files, photos, music
and video that you want to keep. It’s important to also note the distinction
between upgrading to Windows 8 from Vista or Windows 7; and upgrading
to Windows 8 from XP: cara senam kegel pria
• Windows 7: You can perform an in-place upgrade to Windows 8 or
Windows 8 Pro that will allow you to retain all your files, settings
and compatible applications

• Vista: If you have Vista Service Pack 1 installed, you will be able to keep
personal files and system settings, but you’ll have to reinstall applications.
If you don’t have SP1 installed, only personal files will be retained. cara memperbesar kemaluan pria
• XP: Upgrading from XP is possible without a clean installation if you have
Service Pack 3 installed, but even then, only personal files will be kept.
If you buy a PC or laptop running Windows 7 Home Basic, Home Premium,
Professional or Ultimate between 2 June 2012 and 31 January 2013, you’ll
qualify for the Windows 8 upgrade offer. This allows you to install Windows 8 Pro
on your computer for £14. 99.

Tap this and down drops the ribbon

Tap this and down drops the ribbon.
You can also toggle the ribbon with
Ctrl-F1 on the keyboard.
Basic ribbons cara senam kegel pria
The ribbon might seem a little bit
complex at first, because what’s
available by way of ribbons varies
depending on what you are actually looking at. The default view has four tabs
- File, Home, Share and View. cara memperbesar kemaluan pria
The first of these gives you a range of useful options. As well as letting you
get quickly to places you’ve visited often before, and giving the option to pin
items to it so that they always show, File allows you to open a new window,
delete your history and get to the Command prompt and PowerShell (this lets
you create automated tasks). The home ribbon provides access to the range of
common commands like copy, paste, move, rename and selection options that
you’ll use for file management.

When you choose to add a new user

When you choose to add a new user, you do so with an existing Windows
Live ID. If you don’t already have one of these, then you can choose to sign up
for one at this stage. There are a couple of basic screens of information to be
gone through to do this, though, nothing too complicated. You’ll need to be
logged in as the new user to make settings that will synchronise with that user’s
wishes, so if you are already logged in with a local account you may have to log
out and in again before making any changes. cara senam kegel pria
Confirm and verify
You’ll have to go through a confirmation stage before sign-in information is
synchronised, which is a way of protecting your personal identity. Once you are
logged in as the new user, go back to PC Settings and now choose ‘Sync your
settings’ instead of Users in the left side of the screen. cara memperbesar kemaluan pria
First, select ‘Confirm this PC’ at the top of the screen. Internet explorer will
open and you’ll be logged in to your account. You’ll see a new entry for the new
computer. You can either delete this - which we wouldn’t expect you to want to
do - or confirm that it is indeed a trusted PC.

Had Microsoft not included native

Had Microsoft not included native
support for USB 3. 0 in Windows 8,
it would have come in for severe
criticism. As it is, we now have the
opportunity to see how the fast
speeds_of USB 3. 0 can make data
transfer quicker and more power
e_ cient on a daily basis.
Virtual keyboard cara senam kegel pria
lot of time and effort has been spent by Microsoft in making Windows
8 finger friendly. The prime example of this is the Modern UI. If,
however, the operating system is to be used successfully on tablets it
needs more than just a ‘prod and stroke’ friendly interface. You need to be able
to enter text too, and that means you need a keyboard. cara memperbesar kemaluan pria
Microsoft is no newcomer to touch-based interfaces and it has a pedigree
in supporting touch-based text entry. First there were Tablet PC editions of
Windows xp. Then touch support was integrated fully with Windows 7. In
these cases, the company in essence converted the standard OS into a touchfriendly
system. Though precisely how touch friendly is a matter of opinion and
opinions are divided over its success.

Selasa, 03 Desember 2013

dock one application into a small strip

This function allows you to dock one application into a small strip on
the left- or right-hand side of the screen, while continuing to work in another
program in the main area of the display.
There are plenty of potential uses for
this system. You might, for example,
want to keep a Twitter feed live in
the narrow panel while browsing the
web in the larger part of the screen.
Strangely, you can use this system to
combine Modern UI and desktop apps,
and while the difference in looks can be
jarring, there’s no doubt it has its uses. cara menghilangkan jerawat dengan sayuran

Because you can still use the Alt-Tab system to switch between programs,
snap multi-tasking arguably adds a whole new dimension to working with
multiple applications. But it does have its limitations. The tab sizes are limited,
for example, so you can’t have two programs taking up equal screens space,
nor can you multi-task three or more applications in this way. And if you are
working with a finger on a touchscreen device you can’t pre-select which two
programs you want to be using - you need to have one open, then gently slide
the next one open. The second application is simply the next one in the queue
of opened software, and if it isn’t what you were after you need to slide the
next one in, then the next one, till you get the program you wanted. Things
are easier if you use a mouse (see the box below).